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Top 10 best sex positions that burn Calories seriously

1. The Twister Stalemate You know how difficult twister can get. You’ve worked up a major sweat by the time somebody finally falls. Imagine having sex at the same time. For optimal calorie burning, the woman should be on the bottom, both feet planted on the floor, with her arms wrapped around the man. The man is on hands and knees. He burns 134.4 She burns 96
2. On Your Mark The woman lays her back on a chair and puts her legs straight up in the air, creating an L shape with her body. The man gets on his hands and knees in front of her, with his backside facing her. He burns 134.4 She burns 96
3. Strictly Ballroom You know how in dirty dancing, Patrick Swayze picks the girl up and she wraps her legs around his waist and he spins her around in the middle of the room? Try that, but with intercourse. He burns 117.6 She burns 96
4. The Unbearable Lightness of Being Ever notice how sexual those figure-skating moves can look? Well, you’re not totally perverted for noticing. Forget the ice skates and give this one a try in the bedroom. The woman is completely parallel to the ground, facing the floor with her head in front of the man. The man holds her by the waist, with her legs around his hips. He burns 100.8 calories She burns 132
5. The Wheelbarrow Race Just like the childhood game, the woman places her palms on the floor, facing away from the man. The man stands behind the woman, lifting up her lower body by the front of her thighs. He burns 100.8 She burns 96
6. The Hang Bang What it sounds like—in this position, the man holds onto the top of a door frame or pull up bar if he has one and rests his feet on a chair in front of him. The woman can either stand between his knees or straddle him, still with her feet on the floor. He burns 112 She burns 96
7. The Home Fitness Test Both man and woman are basically doing push-ups in this one, they are just stacked one on top of the other. The woman on the bottom does the “girl” push-up, with her forearms and knees resting on the floor. The man gets on top, with his arms and legs extended over her. He burns 134.4
8. The HobbyHorse In this one, the man lays his back on a chair and creates a plank with his upper body that is parallel to the floor by bending his knees at a 90-degree angle and pressing his feet on the floor. The woman straddles him, with her knees bent and feet never touching the floor. He burns 117.6 She burns 120
9. Dinner Is Served The man has to be strong for this one. The man holds the woman in the air by her lower back, so her back is parallel to the floor. The woman wraps her legs around the man’s neck. He burns 100.8
10. The Kentucky Derby Pretty much like a piggyback ride, but with the man doing the riding. He burns 134.4 She burns 96.6

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