It’s the end of a strange and fascinating chapter in the history of South Carolina hip-hop.

Brax, Ice Cube’s brother and the first rapper of the state, is taking over.

Ice Cube, Brax’s brother, has signed with a new record label.

And it’s all happening in a state with some of the country’s largest and most diverse hip-hoppers.

It’s the first time Ice Cube and Brax have been on the same album in over 20 years, and their relationship is one of the biggest storylines of South Carolinians hip-popping culture.

“He’s got the most powerful voice of any rapper in the world, and I’m excited to be able to play his voice for the people of South Charleston,” Brax told Bleacher, referring to the former Atlanta rapper and rapper who was the subject of a viral viral video from a group of white supremacists in South Carolina.

Brax is one the most prolific rappers in the country.

He’s had over 100 releases, many of which have been platinum.

He also has a long-running relationship with Ice Cube, who is the co-creator of the South Carolina-based rap group Ice Cube raps and is Ice Cube Jr.’s uncle.

Ice is currently working on a new album, but he was hesitant to talk about it in a video interview.

Brax has long been the face of South Africa’s hip-hops, which are popular among young black people, and Ice Cube has been instrumental in the growth of that country’s underground music scene. “

It’s something that has to be talked about in a way that’s really respectful of Ice and his legacy.

Brax has long been the face of South Africa’s hip-hops, which are popular among young black people, and Ice Cube has been instrumental in the growth of that country’s underground music scene.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s “Mike and Mike,” Ice Cube said he was “embarrassed” to not have his brother in charge of the project.

But, Brauxtime said, the two have been in touch.

They spoke via phone and Facetime in February, and have been planning this project for years.

According to Brax, Ice is the main reason why Brax is willing to take the role of Ice Cube Sr. The rapper is already an accomplished artist himself.

You see him in his movies, in his music videos, in the movies he plays.

And in South Africa, I think it’s a really big step for a guy like me to be on the level of Ice,” Braux said.

While Brax has not officially signed to an album yet, he did tell Bleacher that he is working on his next album.

The first two records Ice Cube released were for Def Jam and Columbia Records.

His last album, 2012’s Bonehead, was a critical hit, but the rapper later said he wasn’t really happy with the record because it didn’t get enough credit.

After that, IceCube went on to record two more albums, Ice Jam and Ice.

(A video from the Ice Cube video is below.)

“I just wanted to take it to the next level and not do any of the old things that I’ve done, which was a lot of work,” Braxtime told Bleachers.

That includes Brax being involved with the Ice Jam 2, a new collaborative project with rapper DJ Dahi and rapper DJ Akon.

If Brax signs, it will mark the first collaboration between Ice Cube.

On the video, Braxx says Ice Cube is “the greatest, the greatest artist in the universe” and that Ice is a mentor to him.

Dahi tweeted earlier this week, “@IceCubes brother is an incredible artist and a great mentor.

We love the song and it is so special to hear.”

Brax said Brax and Ice will be a team, but Ice Cube won’t be involved in any production or writing of the music.

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