The Melly Moms are a group of young black girls who, like so many other celebrities, have been accused of racism by their peers.

This has sparked a debate about how they are treated, and how they should be treated, by others.

One of the most well-known of the group, Melly, has been criticised for her controversial comments on race, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

What is Melly’s stance on race?

The MellyMoms is a group made up of three black women – Melly Davis, Metta Felice, and Metta Tabor – who are all members of the Teenz Entertainment family.

It’s one of the more unusual groups to feature in the mainstream media, with the group mostly focusing on its YouTube channel, MTM, which features songs such as “I’m Not a Hipster” and “All of the Lights.”

It has also been featured on various music charts including the Billboard Music Awards and Billboard 200 charts, although its popularity has fallen in recent years.

What have the Melly moms said about race?

Metta Davis has previously defended her position on race by saying: “I know black people and I’m black.

I’ve been on the bus and I’ve never been discriminated against.

I can’t really say what I believe.

But if you think about it, if we don’t talk about race, we’re not talking about anything.

I’m not trying to be a hypocrite.

It’s not about saying, ‘Oh I don’t care, you’re a bad person, you’ve got to learn to stop it’.

No, we can’t talk, we have to be aware that what we’re saying and how we’re doing it are not what’s being said and done in the world.

Metta has previously spoken about her experience of racial discrimination in America, saying that, when she was in middle school, she was called a “black whore” by her teacher and that she was told that her skin colour made her “a little bit of a slut”.

Metta Felices position on racism has also drawn criticism, as she once told a white audience at a performance of The Color Purple, which she starred in, that “black people are always racist, but white people are the worst”.

Felices stance has also sparked criticism on social media.

Melly’s comments about race have been criticised by some in the African-American community.

She had been told that she should never have said those things,” Metta told The Daily Beast. “

We had a very, very heated argument.

She had been told that she should never have said those things,” Metta told The Daily Beast.

“It wasn’t my decision to say anything and she was the one that made the decision to tell me that.

I don- not, I’m sorry, it’s just not what I’ve ever done.

I just have a different opinion.

I am not a racist.

It was my mom, but my mom is a black woman.”

But Metta’s mother, Mandy Mollan, defended her daughter, saying, “I don’t want to be accused of being a racist or a sexist or any of that.

And I think the people that are saying that are ignorant.”

Mollans position on issues of racism has been also criticised.

She was interviewed by The Atlantic, and spoke about her own experience of racism, saying: You don’t go out and say, ‘Look at the way I dress.

I have a black daughter’.

If you do that, then it’s going to get you into trouble, because it will cause you to be judged and it’s not going to be something that you want to get into trouble with.

In a recent interview with BET, Mollancans daughter, Mariah, spoke about racism in America.

She said: I think that, you know, people are still not talking to people that have had to deal with some of the things that they’ve experienced and how it has impacted their lives.

I mean, we all have our stories of how we have had that happen to us and how people have had those experiences.

And so, you never know who you’re going to meet and where your story will be.

Mollany has been known to tweet her views on racism, and recently tweeted a video of herself telling a white woman that she has a black sister and that black people are racist and that white people need to learn how to stop.

What are Melly mums stance on trans people?

It has been revealed that Melly and Melly are close friends and they have a close relationship.

However, the Teens have been known for their controversial views on transgender issues.

In 2017, the two women, while celebrating their 25th anniversary together, released a statement in which they stated that transgender people should not be

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