In a bid to create a “meme” that could make him and his team of producers famous, Kanye West and his crew decided to invent one of the most iconic images of a modern-day rapper: the rapper token rapper.

The meme was born on March 6, 2017 when West, who is a rapper, was asked to create one of his videos.

He was initially hesitant.

He said he was unsure of the audience that would be drawn to his work, but it eventually came together and became a viral sensation.

West, who has released more than a dozen albums, said in a recent interview that he and his co-writers had the idea to create the meme to promote the upcoming album “Ultralight Beam” as a way to get fans excited about the album.

He explained:”We had a song called ‘Ultralights Beam’ that we were thinking about making and it was about a rapper who was basically a token for everyone and I was really excited to get him in there because it’s about being an outsider, being an outcast and it’s so uplifting.”

The meme, created by West and artist Lil Wayne, shows a character who has a star on his chest with the words “token” written across it, and the words ‘Lil Wayne’.

This character is a reference to Kanye West, a rapper from West’s hometown of Compton, California.

“Lil’ Wayne is a huge inspiration to us,” West said.

“I think a lot of people like to see the underdog in themselves, the underdog who doesn’t fit into the big world and we wanted to capture that in a way that felt really authentic.”

The two rappers then went on to create more than 400 other versions of the meme over the next two months, which eventually became the template for the creation of the “token rapper”.

“We took it one step further, so we added more stars,” West explained.

“It was a lot more fun than we expected.

We were really excited about that, too.

We wanted it to be a really powerful meme, like we would have to be to really get people excited about it.””

It was really fun,” said West.

“We’re going to go back and we’ll try and make more of these.”

He added that he was proud of the result.

“This was a really cool idea,” he said.

West said the process of creating the meme was an art form, as it allowed him to be creative with a very specific style of storytelling and the images he created became something he could share on social media and make money on.

“That’s the way we live, you know?

I don’t think it’s anything like that,” he added.

West said that the meme is the result of a long process of building trust and trust in the audience.

“The more people see this image and see what we’re trying to do, the more they want to buy this album,” he continued.

“They want to have that kind of relationship with us.

I’m really proud of what we did, man.””

People who have been really supportive have been amazing.

I’m really proud of what we did, man.”

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