Common, the rapper who is also known for his “Rap God” and “Nothin’s Got No Clue” album, has joined the blockchain blockchain’s blockchain in London to support Bitcoin.

Common is scheduled to attend a blockchain summit on September 17th in London.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Common revealed that he was the first to accept bitcoin as a payment method on the blockchain, and that the new cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of adoption.

The blockchain is the underlying technology of bitcoin, and it is designed to help the blockchain maintain its value.

“I have been on a lot more Bitcoin-related things,” Common told CoinDesk.

“There are a lot different cryptocurrencies out there, and there’s always been a lot going on in the blockchain space, but I’m going to try and be a little bit more open about it.”

Common has been vocal in his support of the blockchain and has spoken about its potential to improve the world by making the world’s records more secure.

Common recently shared his vision for the future of bitcoin.

“The way bitcoin is going, the way that the Bitcoin blockchain is going and the way blockchain is growing, the world is going to be much more secure than it was,” Common said.

“And that is something that we can all agree on.”

Common’s involvement in the bitcoin blockchain was announced on June 4th, when he tweeted: “It’s not only the most secure currency out there – it’s the most accessible and the most transparent.

We need a blockchain that’s a true, true, trusted blockchain.

I believe in that.”

In an earlier interview with the Daily Dot, Common expressed his admiration for the blockchain’s “very innovative” design.

“You don’t need a lot to use it,” he said.

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