Drake is going to get a new song in December, and he wants to keep his fans guessing as to when.

“My next album is going be a mystery,” Drake told reporters during a stop at a Nike event in the UK.

“It’ll be something I can’t tell you.”

Drake has said he wants fans to believe that his new album will be something special.

It’s been a year since he announced his last album, The Life of Pablo, and it has been a long road to get to this point.

It is a major departure from the way Drake and his label, Jay Z, release albums, and the rapper has yet to announce a release date for The Life Of Pablo.

But there are still many questions to be answered about Drake’s upcoming album.

Will he be releasing a single or album in 2016?

Will he continue releasing music in 2017?

Can Drake make it through another year without releasing new music?

How will he handle a year of constant touring?

Drake is hoping fans will be able to predict his next album when the new album is released, and that the mystery of what he’s working on will be a lot less of a mystery when fans get to know him better.

“I’m really excited,” Drake said.

“We have a year and a half to release a record, but I’m really focused on that album and the music I’m doing.”

Drake hasn’t announced the release date of his next project, but he has said that it will be “a secret” for now.

In fact, he hasn’t told the public what his next record will be yet.

He said he will be announcing that information at some point in December.

What are your thoughts on Drake’s next album?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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