Mozzy and Fabulous Rapper are both back with a vengeance.

The two rappers announced last month that they had officially been diagnosed with leukemia, a condition that has been diagnosed in at least five other hip-hop artists.

Mozzy’s brother, Biggie, tweeted that Mozzy had been diagnosed as well.

“So, he’s a fucking divas.”

In a recent interview with Billboard, Mozzy revealed that he and Fabulously Rapper were both diagnosed with the disease in December 2016, but that he hadn’t officially been told he was suffering from it until he received a diagnosis from his family.

“I have a lot of friends that have cancer and they all get diagnosed and they’re like, ‘Yo, you gotta get it checked out,'” Mozzy said in the interview.

“And then I get tested and then I’m like, [expletive] that I’m not getting tested.”

Mozzy also revealed that Fabulous Rap artist and producer Big Daddy Kane had also been diagnosed.

“It’s definitely not cancer,” he said.

“When I get my test, I’ll tell you that.”

The rapper also told Billboard that he would be “worried” if his brother’s diagnosis wasn’t correct, as “the odds of me getting it right, and getting the diagnosis, are astronomical.”

Mozzys sister, Dee Dee, was diagnosed with cancer when she was a child, and she has also spoken about her experience with the condition.

“Every time I’m with someone, I think of her,” she told Billboard.

“She was so amazing, and we had so much fun.”

Mozy also revealed to Billboard that Fabulously Rap has been helping him deal with his condition, including using a “soul massage” to help him recover from the disease.

“My whole life, I had this inner conflict about being healthy, and then it became like I had a whole other problem,” he told Billboard in the October 2017 interview.

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