In case you missed it last week, the internet is buzzing about rapper Logic’s pregnancy and the birth of his baby, but it’s also sparking an uproar over his hip-hop-inspired career.

Logic’s mom, Aaliyah, recently revealed that the rapper, who has been dating rapper G-Eazy since June, was expecting twins when he was a teenager.

She also explained that Logic was forced to drop out of school after he turned 17.

But it was clear that the father of two had something to prove.

“You could tell that he was excited,” Aaliya told MTV News.

“And you could see his face.”

The baby was born in January 2017.

Logic is still trying to make sense of his pregnancy and parenting, but he’s also getting a lot of support from his fans.

“I’m just trying to stay positive and have a lot more confidence that I’m gonna be OK,” he told MTV.

He also shared that he’s already getting support from Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Chance The Rapper.

“This is a blessing,” he said.

“Because if I wasn’t going to be doing this, I probably would’ve had a very hard time.”

The rapper has also been criticized for not taking his parents’ advice, saying that he needs to be strong and not let his parents down.

“If I don’t know the right thing to do, it’s like I don to my own life,” he tweeted.

“Sometimes it’s good to take some things for granted and get some perspective.”

He’s also received backlash for making fun of Beyonce’s baby bump and using the word “baby” a lot in his music.

Logic recently announced he was expecting a second child with rapper G.


“Baby bump baby bump,” he captioned a photo of the couple’s first child.

“It feels like we’re gonna make a lot babies!”

In an interview with Billboard, Aisha revealed that she’s excited about the baby.

“Aaliyah and I are excited,” she told the publication.

“We love babies, and it’s a big deal for us that he is a little girl.”

She added that the mother-daughter duo had always wanted a child together, but that the timing of their pregnancy “was just the right time.”

It’s unclear how much time the baby will be in the house, but fans are still sharing their thoughts about Logic’s birth on social media.

“He is the perfect rapper, the perfect baby, the baby rapper,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“There is nothing more inspiring than to see two siblings,” another person tweeted.

It seems like the rapper will continue to make his own decisions on whether to share more of his personal life with the public.

“Just give me some time to think about it, man,” he recently told MTV, in an interview that was taped during a tour stop in Florida.

“Like, I don’ know, it was just the perfect time for us.”

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