The rapper who’s known for his rhymes and rhymes-and-hoes attitude is now a showman.

The New York Times reported Friday that the rapper and his music-making team, The Roots, will launch a pop-up shop in Chicago this spring, bringing the world’s most famous rap superstar to a new era of pop-culture interaction.

The Roots, the hip-hop collective formed in the late 1990s, have been at the forefront of the cultural conversation in the U.S. since the 1980s, when their signature hip-hopped music and rap lyrics were the go-to songs for people of color.

The Chicago location will be the latest in a series of pop stores, restaurants and live music venues that have been set up by The Roots to expand their appeal in the city.

It’s a move that The Roots’ chief creative officer and CEO, Tyler Carter, told The Times, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Carter said the Roots plan to have three locations open in Chicago.

“We want to give Chicago an outlet for the Roots’ message of positivity, unity, and fun, which is something that has been missing from our city for the past 15 years,” he said.

He added that the Roots, along with the artists they have signed, will also be selling T-shirts and other merchandise, including a “Rappers Welcome” mug featuring a stylized picture of the rapper.

Rapper and The Roots co-founder Azealia Banks, pictured here with her husband, Azealah Prince, has spoken about the rise of “Rapper” culture, which has been popular in Chicago for the last few years.

The hip-Hop artist who once called himself a “black rock star” and whose music became an instant hit is coming to the Chicago market with his music team, which Carter said was a result of a long-term relationship.

Carter, a former executive at MTV, told the Times he was excited about the pop-ups.

He said the music team has been working closely with artists, music-makers and venues to create a unique experience for fans in the heart of the city, and it was the right move for the team.

The New Yorker’s report said the pop shops will be run by The Tres Leches, a Chicago-based pop-artist management company that has operated in the Chicago area since 2004.

The Tles Leches is based in Los Angeles and is owned by Michael and Julie Schulz, who have been in the business for almost 25 years.

A spokesman for The Roots did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

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