A recent study by Google and Microsoft showed that when you share your story in the most persuasive way possible, people will click on your story more and more.

And they will click a lot.

That’s because they believe that a story that resonates with the audience, resonates the most, and people will buy it more.

In an article in The Wall Street Journal, Google, Microsoft, and social psychologist Joshua Schwartz describe how people who share their stories with the most convincing appeal can achieve the same level of sales as stories that are less persuasive.

Schwartz said that this is because they are telling stories in the same way that people share information: as part of an ongoing conversation that they are engaged in.

“We are actually talking about conversations we have with each other,” Schwartz said.

“We are not just talking about one conversation.

We are talking about a conversation that goes on for years, and that has happened many times.

So the more persuasive you are, the more people will want to share it.”

The study was conducted by Google in the United States and by Microsoft in Germany, and it found that when people share their story in a way that resonated with the audiences most likely to click, they clicked on it more and were more likely to buy it.

People who shared stories in a more persuasive way, Schwartz said, were more effective at driving engagement.

And when people shared stories that were more convincing, they were more persuasive than people who didn’t share their best story.

In their study, Schwartz and his colleagues showed people how to share stories in three ways: with a simple click, with a powerful click, and with a captivating click.

They found that stories with captivating links were more powerful than stories that simply mentioned a person.

For instance, if you tell someone about your favorite book, they might be more likely, Schwartz explained, to share a link to the story on their blog.

The more compelling the link, the better the chance they have of getting people to share the story.

The study found that captivating headlines also made people more likely pay attention to a story.

They clicked on more compelling links and clicked more often when the captivating headline came after a description of the story, the study found.

“People are more likely and more likely on average to read stories that have captivating and compelling headlines,” Schwartz wrote.

“This is because captivating is a powerful way to get people to read more stories.”

And when a story is compelling enough to drive engagement, people are more apt to share more of it.

When the capturing headline and description of a story are both in the top 10 most common topics on social media, for instance, people share more stories about it.

And even if the captions are just in the middle of the headlines, people still click on the stories more.

“The more stories that resonate, the less likely they are to just scroll down to see what you have to say,” Schwartz added.

“They’re going to click on it, read more about it, and share it even more.

So this means the stories that people are interested in and engage with are the ones that have the most impact.”

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