A young black rapper from Los Angeles was arrested in January for shooting a man in the head in a mugging at a nightclub.

The suspect, known only as “B-Bird,” has been charged with murder and is currently in custody, according to court documents.

The rapper, whose real name is D.L., was also charged with attempted murder, a felony, according the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

B-bird, 24, was arrested after a group of men who had gotten into a fight outside a nightclub at the Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills said they heard B-Bird shout, “I’ma shoot you!” and then fired their guns, authorities said.

One bullet struck the victim in the right side of the head, killing him, authorities added.


Bird is also charged in a separate incident in February, in which he was accused of stabbing a man to death after he pulled out a knife and stabbed a woman in the neck and left hand.

Birds’ arrest was announced after his rap song “Sick Nigga,” featuring the track “B.

Bird,” became a hit.

In the song, B-bird said, “Don’t call me B- Bird.

Call me a sick nigga.”

The lyrics in the song are a reference to the rapper’s rap persona, “Buckwild,” and the rapper has been arrested numerous times in the past for violent behavior.

Bucks has been accused of several other crimes, including aggravated assault and attempted robbery, according police reports.

He is also accused of assaulting a former girlfriend in 2015, and allegedly assaulting his wife in 2016.

Buck Wild is in the custody of the Los Angeleno Police Department.

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