A new poll shows that even if a majority of Americans are not inclined to agree with the administration’s initial position, most Americans agree that the president should have his immigration ban lifted.

The new poll of 1,096 registered voters from June 16-19 shows a slight majority (54%) think the president has the authority to lift the temporary ban on immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Just over half (52%) disagree.

The poll, conducted by SurveyMonkey, found that 52% of registered voters said they had seen or heard about the travel ban and 56% had heard or seen of the restrictions on refugees, but they had no opinion on the policy’s overall impact.

Just under a third (31%) said they were “somewhat” or “very” concerned about the impact of the new restrictions, but that was not an opinion that could be confirmed by Survey Monkey.

The majority (55%) of registered Americans said they did not think Trump was doing enough to stop people from coming into the country, while 40% said they believed he was doing a good job, while 12% said he was not doing enough and 9% said Trump was not being honest with the American people.

Trump, however, did not receive any positive reviews from registered voters when asked about the ban, with 51% saying he was “doing a good” job at stopping people from entering the country.

Trump, who has long claimed that Muslims are a threat to the U.S., has repeatedly insisted that the travel restrictions were needed to protect Americans from “radical Islamic terrorists.”

“I’m seeing an increase in anti-Muslim sentiment, and I think that’s a good thing,” Trump said during a speech in Texas in February.

“We have to stop this.”

The poll found that while 55% of Americans said the ban was mostly a good idea, that number fell to 46% who said it was mostly or totally bad.

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