Dawn rapper Dayna Rochon has spoken of the joy and relief of her daughter Jayna’s arrival in the UK after a year in India.

The two-time Grammy award winner told The Huffington Post UK that she and her family were excited to be living in the country after they moved to the UK in 2015.

“We’re excited to live here and have the privilege of having her here,” she said.

“She is our daughter, and it is so amazing to have her here.

We are all mothers.”

In the interview with The Huffington Posts UK, Dayna spoke about her daughter’s experience of moving to the capital of London, as well as her new love of hip-hop music.

“The first day I heard that I had a daughter, I thought, ‘Wow, she is a superstar’,” Dayna said.

The singer-songwriter, who is also a music educator, said her daughter was a “truly amazing” student.

“It was definitely a transition, especially for her,” she added.

“I was so excited for her when she started singing.

She was so focused, she really was.

She just kept her eyes focused and her whole voice was just perfect.

I think it’s just the best thing that ever happened to her.”

Dayna told HuffPost UK that Jayna is learning to sing at an early age, and that she hopes to teach her daughter the same way.

“Every time I teach her, she listens to it, and she can do it,” she told HuffPost.

“If you are doing something and it’s something you’re not proud of, then she will listen and she’ll do it, too.”

Dayna, who was born in South Africa, said that she wants to be a role model for her daughter.

“That’s what I want her to do,” she explained.

“What is the most important thing that she can learn about me and about music and about life?

She has the ability to see how it all comes together and that’s something that she will definitely be proud of. “

Because she is learning so early on.

Dayne, who has also starred in the film The Perfect Storm, also said that her daughter will be “so proud of her” after moving to London. “

And she is doing it because she is passionate about what she is singing about, and because she has a real love for music.”

Dayne, who has also starred in the film The Perfect Storm, also said that her daughter will be “so proud of her” after moving to London.

“I think that her future will be very bright, I’m sure of that,” she shared.

“When she gets to live in London, she will come home and she will have the opportunity to see all the great things that have been done for women in the music industry.

She will also get the opportunity not just to see a girl in her music video but to see other girls who are doing what they are doing.”

In addition to being a mother, Dayne said that Jayne will be an “influential figure” for her in her future.

“Jayna is a young person and she is just a young girl and she has to do this work, she has got to be the spokesperson for her music,” she recalled.

“But she is also going to be an influencer in her own right, for other young girls.

She is a star in her eyes, and so is her mum.

I know that she is going to have a great future in London and she loves it here.”

“It is a dream come true for me, and now that she has arrived here, it is also the dream for everyone,” she continued.

“So we will see what happens.

We will see if we are going to live together and what happens to her in London.”

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