The Game is a rapper from Toronto, Canada, known for his popular music.

While he’s well known for being one of the most popular rappers on the internet, he has also been involved in some controversial and violent situations.

The rapper was once arrested for assault and battery and is currently facing charges of domestic violence and possession of marijuana.

He has been banned from social media and banned from performing in Canada and is not allowed to have contact with his wife.

In a recent interview with The Daily Dot, the rapper said he believes in “social justice,” and that he would never commit violence against women in his career.

He continued, “I believe in the fact that no matter what people think about me, if I was in a room with a woman and I did something that made her feel like I didn’t respect her, I would never, ever, ever do it.”

It is a stance that is shared by many other artists, who have expressed similar sentiments.

“There is no way that I would do it, I wouldn’t do it,” Octavians rapper, The Game, said in an interview with MTV.

“You know what, I know what I can do.

I have been doing it for years, and I know how to do it.

If it’s something that’s going to make her feel good about myself, then she’s going go out and do it in a different way.”

The Game said that he believes that “the people that are in power, they’re always in the dark.

It’s not something you see in the light, it’s not the things that you hear in the news, it just seems like there’s nothing to be done, like it’s just not happening.

It just seems to be just part of our culture.

“People that are on the outside don’t really see it. “

It’s not a new problem, it was just a different angle,” he added.

“People that are on the outside don’t really see it.

It happens all the time, and there’s no one that’s willing to do anything about it.”

This sentiment comes as a surprise to many, who are quick to point out that this is not the first time the rapper has been accused of violence.

In May, Octavius released a song called “Culture Of Violence,” in which he called on fans to “make this a culture of peace,” adding, “If we don’t start doing this right, it’ll all be over.”

Octavious’ rap career has continued to grow, and he has been featured on albums such as The Bigger Picture, which includes songs such as “Bitch Is Dead,” “Lil B,” and “Get Off.”

He has also released his own mixtape, titled The Gamez Future.

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