When Mozzys future and Trouble rapper got a call from Kanye’s dad, the young rappers duo went to see the world, to meet the former and the latter, with Mozzy saying: “We’re on the same page”.

But when they got to the venue where they were to play the show, Mozzy was the first to run away.

“We had a very nice reception, and Kanye told me he loved me,” Mozzy said.

“I didn’t really believe it.

But I just felt so good about myself.

I had a really good time.”

Mozzy and Future both got the chance to meet Kanye when they performed at the Australian Music Awards on Monday night, when they were nominated for Best New Artist.

“He said he loved us, he said he loves Australia, he’s a really nice guy, he likes music and he’s really into it,” Mozzy said.

But when he got home, he was very upset and said he would never see him again.

“It was the worst day of my life, I was really upset and very depressed, so I just ran,” he said.

Mozzy is currently filming a documentary about his time in the K-Pop industry, called The K-Tribe.

“As a producer, you don’t want to make an album where you’re going to be stuck with the label, you have to make a movie, but I felt I could do it on my own and I was very proud of it,” he added.

“This film is a really interesting look into the industry, and the people who are making it, and it’s also a really personal story for me.

I’m a real fan of K-pop, and I think there’s a lot of really cool things happening in the industry.”

And I think the KPop community is very diverse and I’m really happy that people love it and support it.”

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