The latest episode of Polygon Australia’s Australian podcast, which has you answering questions on everything from Australian pop culture to Australia’s national anthem, takes a look at what’s hot and what’s trending in Australia right now.

The podcast takes you behind the scenes of Australian music as the story of the new wave of Australian rappers continues.

Host of the show, James Smith, recently returned from a week-long trip to the US.

In this episode, he reveals the most popular rappers in Australia today, and gives a taste of the local music scene.

We’re not the first ones to delve into Australia’s music scene, and it’s been a while since Polygon’s been able to do a weekly interview with the best Australian rappers.

However, James recently returned with an updated list of the best in the business, as well as a full rundown of the top ten most popular artists in Australia.

Here’s what we learned from our week in America:The most popular Australian rapper in 2017James Smith explains why his top ten list of Australia’s best rappers is largely based on the country’s most popular rapper, Freeway rapper and Atmosphere producer Bris.

Bris is an important figure in Australian music history.

The two met in 2003 when Bris was on a visit to Australia.

Bris, then known as Kool Aid and known as “Kool Aid, Kool” in Australia, recorded two albums for Bris’ label, Deathsquad Records.

He later moved to London where he recorded his last album for his label.

The pair formed the group The Misfits in 2007, but it was the 2010 release of their debut album, Misfit, that helped launch Bris into mainstream success.

His hit single, “Grow”, went to number one on the Billboard charts in Australia and was nominated for the Grammy award for best rap single in 2010.

In 2015, Bris and The Mafioso released a collaborative album, In A World, in which they teamed up with producer A-Trak and rapper Miley Cyrus.

They later signed to RCA Records and released their third album, The Way It Is, in 2020.

Atmosphere released a collaboration album with Bris in 2017.

The Misfires continued to make great music, and released a new album in 2017 called Live At The Top Of My Head.

Briss released his first album in 2013 and released it on Deathsquads label in 2015.

It peaked at number one in Australia in the first week of its release.

His sophomore album, A Matter Of Time, was released in 2017 and debuted at number two in Australia the following year.

The rapper’s next two albums, 2013’s The Realist and 2014’s In The Moment, reached number one and two respectively.

In 2016, Briss and the Misfives teamed up to release an album of original music called The Realism, which was released on DeathSquads label.

The record was released by DeathSquad in 2017, and became the biggest selling Australian album of the year, selling over half a million copies in Australia alone.

The realist album peaked at three in the top 10 of the Australian charts, and sold over one million copies on its debut.

The album also became one of the biggest Australian singles of all time.

At the time, it was one of Australias biggest selling singles of the decade.

In the wake of the album’s success, the rapper said it was his biggest influence, and that it’s still his favourite album to this day.

It’s been quite a few years since the Mafias last released a proper album, but this year’s The Way That It Is was a massive success.

The first track on the album, “Livin’ In The Dark”, went double platinum in Australia before it even hit the charts.

The Australian pop sensation was nominated in the 2018 Grammy Awards for best pop song, which included “Lovin’ It” as one of her main hits.

It was a huge success for the Australian pop star, but also had a major impact on the world of hip hop.

The song is one of those iconic Australian songs that many Australians have a strong connection with.

It has been a couple of years since The Maffios last album came out, but the new album has already broken a number of records for Australian music.

The music is heavy and has a strong groove that the Maffias are known for, which is very unusual in Australian hip hop and pop music.

It was the first album that had a full-length video and a full orchestral arrangement.

The new album features many collaborations with other Australian artists, including fellow Australian hip-hop artists, J. Cole, A$AP Rocky and Future.

A$ap Rocky recently collaborated with J.

Cole on a song called “Panda”, which he wrote and produced.

The album also features guest appearances from rappers such as Snoop Dog

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