When Eminem released his first single in 1989, it was a far cry from the kind of music that would eventually define his career.

The record was a collection of raps that were more about teasing and self-deprecation than political statement.

It was a way for the rapper to express his own inner demons while simultaneously being extremely self-aware.

A few years later, in 1991, the album was released and its title track was one of the most memorable and controversial tracks of all time.

The track featured a rapping about a woman who died after having sex with her ex-husband.

It was also the first time a song had featured the words “rap music,” which at the time was a relatively new genre.

The word was coined by hip-hop pioneer Busta Rhymes in 1992, but it was only during the decade after that that rap music became so widely accepted.

In the early 2000s, Eminem would go on to become one of hip-hopping’s biggest stars, earning him the moniker “Rap God” after rapping over a slew of hits including “Work,” “Rap Game,” “Gangsta Rap” and “Rap Monster.”

At the time, his success was unprecedented.

He was already known for his rapping ability and his ability to connect with fans and his production was already one of his signature skills.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that the singer would make a big splash on the charts with his third single, “Taken To The Dark Side,” which was a song about an Asian rapper.

Eminem released the song at the beginning of the year, just as the rapper’s new album was making its way to the Billboard Hot 100.

It would become one a number of songs that would go viral on social media and eventually become an internet hit.

The song had become a symbol of the rapper taking things a step further.

It included the lyrics, “I know I shouldn’t be here, I know I shouldn’t be on this side/But I am,” and was featured in the trailer for the upcoming film “Takeshi and Me.”

The song has become an anthem for many in Asian communities.

It has been translated into multiple languages including Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese and Tagalog.

“Taken” has been a hit in many different Asian communities, including Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Its viral success has made it a cultural icon for Asian-Americans in the U.S. The rapper has said he has seen “Takeda” trending on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In 2016, he released his fifth studio album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.”

It is expected to be released in 2021.

This article originally appeared on The American Conservatives.

Reprinted with permission from The American Progressive.

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