The rapper’s baby rapping debut, ‘Baby’, is dropping today via XXL, and the title track “The Baby” has the rapper sharing his views on his sexuality and his mother’s death.

“I have always been very open with people,” Lil B said in the track, which was recorded with Lil Wayne and Kanye West at his home in the Bronx.

“When I was young, I didn’t know what my mother was going through, and I felt like I was just being a little kid.

I’m so proud to say that I know now, and to me, that my mother is still alive.”

Lil B also said he “didn’t feel like I had a choice” and he wants to share his “real, real life” with the world.

“It’s so hard for me, when I’m in a dark place like my mother,” he said.

“I feel like people are always saying, ‘He’s not real.

He’s just a dude.

He ain’t real.’

But my mother’s real.”

The rapper’s “real life” is also in the spotlight.

In a song that’s currently trending on Twitter, Lil B tells the story of a woman who left him after they broke up.

The woman was pregnant with his child.

“We’ve been together for years and years and we’re just like two peas in a pod,” he explained.

“But she didn’t have the option to say, ‘I’m done.

I don’t want kids.’

I was the only one who was still with her.”

Lloyd Banks and Lil B in the ‘B.O.A.F.’ video.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The song features a cameo from Lil Wayne, who is also featured in the video, as well as rappers Lloyd Banks and Lloyd Banks.

The video was directed by Lil Wayne’s wife, J. Cole, who recently shared a video of her dancing with the rapper.

“B.o.A., Lil B’s new song with Lil Wiz, is finally available for streaming, on Warner Bros.’

SoundCloud page,” the music video caption reads.

“The album is set to drop on May 16th and the official soundtrack will be released May 24th.”

Lemmy, Roddy, Jimmy Buffett and more, plus the return of Lil Wayne in the studio.

The track features Lil Wayne singing “Baby” and featuring Roddy and Jimmy Buffett, who play in The Rolling Stones classic rock band.

The two artists also perform on “I Feel Good,” which has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven weeks in a row.

Lil Wayne and Jimmy Butler, along with Roddy Buell and Jimmy Kimmel, will also appear in the new video.

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