Devouring rapper Dave East has been a staple in the rap world for years, but this time around he’s been in the spotlight for a different reason.

East’s latest album, Jam, is out March 4.

This time around, he’s teamed up with R&B star, rapper Jello Biafra, for a new single.

East and Biafs’ joint debut, “Doo Doo,” is a blast.

“If you’ve got a little kid that you want to have a ball with,” East says of the song.

“Like, doo doo, dooo doo.”

It’s a cute and funny song, which is why it seems so appropriate for a man who’s also a master of the art of the dance floor.

He even has his own remix of the track, featuring the rapper Drake.

“I’m not a rap guy, so I didn’t even really understand what he was talking about,” East said about Drake’s remix.

“He did some things in the song that I really appreciated, but I was like, what?

He can do whatever he wants to do, so why would I care?”

East is no stranger to remixes, either.

In 2014, he took home the 2017 Grammy for Best R&am Award for Best Rap Album.

But the new track with Drake is one of his most recent collaborations, and East has his hands full with a slew of other projects on the horizon.

For now, the focus is on the jam.

The duo are also set to release a new video, “Jelly Roll.”

But with so many artists and labels in the music industry trying to capitalize on the new hip-hop landscape, the question is whether or not West, who’s often compared to Drake, can deliver a hit with his own take on it.

The new single, “No More Dopey,” features a song from West’s debut album, The Blueprint.

“When we first released ‘Jelly,’ we wanted to have something that was a little different than what he’s done,” East told The Daily Beast.

“The song was pretty simple, and that was kind of the plan when we came up with the idea for ‘No More,” which is the first time we’ve done that song.

“West has also been known to make bold statements on his rap and EDM output.

“Instead of getting paid for that stuff, I would make my own beats and just sell them. “

We should just have made beats,” he said.

Maybe they could use my money to build something for us.” “

But I don’t know.

Maybe they could use my money to build something for us.”

The new song also features the rapper Kanye West and the Neptunes.

“No more dopey,” East also told Billboard.

“That’s what we’re doing, that’s how we’re making money.

We’ve got to stay ahead of it.””

This is a new era.

We’ve got to stay ahead of it.”

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