Yo yo rap star, Yo Yo, is making headlines after releasing his first solo album in over a year.

“Muthafucka YoYo”, released on March 21, was recorded in the US and released digitally via the label Big Beat Records.

The album was recorded with the help of his best friend, rapper and producer Niggas Mobb.

The record was released on the same day as “Diddy’s Big Night”, the rapper’s upcoming full-length debut.

It was also accompanied by the new single “Papa Dogg”, which features Yo Yo.

Yo Yo also shared a snippet of “Moulson”, which is featured on the new album.

Yo yo is also a rapper in his own right, having been named as the artist in 2016.

In the past year, Yo yo has been releasing new music with his friends and crew.

“Trap”, a collaborative single with DJ Khaled and The Weeknd, was released in March, while the album was released later in the month.

“Sugar”, featuring Lil Wayne and Young Thug, was also released in late April.

A video for the album also premiered on YouTube.

In addition to his own music, YoYo has released videos for artists including Beyonce, Lil Wayne, and Wiz Khalifa.

The rapper also co-founded the Rap Genius podcast, where he gives listeners the inside scoop on the latest rap music.

“Dope”, a remix of the song “Boom Boom Pow” from Lil Wayne’s album Bad Things, was featured on “Mousetrap”, YoYo’s first full-album.

It has since been remixed several times.

YoYo, who is known for his ability to make people cry, said that he felt compelled to release “Moth” to “raise awareness for mental health”.

YoYo is also the first rapper to release an album with a full-band band, the YoYo Group.

The group, which includes Yo Yo and Yo Yo’s brother, Yo, recorded their first album in 2018.


Yo has a new album in the works and a full slate of tour dates planned for 2017.

“YoYo’s Moth”, released March 21 on Big Beat, features collaborations with Lil Wayne (as a guest), Lil B, and other artists.

Watch a preview of the video below:

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