The Belly Shaker has been working with a handful of his closest collaborators on new songs for years, but he’s been quietly working on his next album since 2015.

In February 2017, the Los Angeles native signed a deal with his label, Lush, to release a full-length album with the same name, a collaboration with producer Travi$ Scott and fellow Los Angeles rapper Killer Mike.

It wasn’t a big hit, but the rapper has continued to push his music forward in the last few years, releasing solo projects like 2017’s Love Will Tear Us Apart and 2018’s Ransom.

A week before the release of the second Lush project, The Bicky, a song from the new album, the rapper tweeted that he had been working on a new album for the past year.

“I’m just writing a lot of songs and making music,” he said.

“This is gonna be the first time I’ve been working like this in a year.”

“I’ve been a lot in the studio,” he continued.

“Working with people that I’ve never worked with before.”

The album has been released on two different platforms.

It’s available on iTunes and Amazon Music, and it’s also available on Spotify.

The Bitty is a collaborative effort between Travis, Scott, Killer Mike and the D.C. rapper Wiz Khalifa, who also contributes to the album.

It features collaborations from artists like Future, Young Thug, Jaden Smith and more.

“That’s what I’ve always been about,” the rapper said.

It sounds like he’s not ready to give up on his career just yet.

“You can always try and work on your next project,” he added.

“But I’ve got to do something else for myself.”

Read more about the Bicky:

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