Baby rapper and hip-hop producer Raekwan James has been enjoying the Drake album in full, and it has been a welcome distraction from the rest of the year’s mayhem.

“Boom Clap,” his song about a boom, is the first to be available for download since it debuted on Sunday.

James’ second song, “Hov,” is also available for free download and he’s already received an outpouring of praise from Drake fans.

In the lyrics, James says he’ll get to work on a new rap “by the end of January” and that he’s been working on it for months.

And he’s not stopping.

“I’m working on a project, and I’m still trying to figure out how to say it right,” James told the Daily Beast.

“If I do, it’ll be like, ‘Oh, this is dope.'”

Drake has been busy working on “Hav,” as well as working on his forthcoming album “Tha Carter V,” but his latest album is already making headlines, with a new video featuring Drake and rapper Rick Ross.

“Haver,” as the video was called, is also expected to feature Drake and the rapper’s wife, Tila Tequila.

In addition to his music career, James also released his first rap album, “Baby, I’m Raek,” in 2014.

It became one of the biggest albums of the decade, selling more than 50 million copies in its first week.

James and his producers collaborated on several tracks on Drake’s new album, including “I Know You Got Me” and “Drake,” which featured Tila.

James says the two are in regular communication, and he says the collaboration is a natural progression for Drake.

“The reason why he wanted to do it is because he’s a good rapper, and his flow is really good, and the music is very much his,” James said.

“He’s very talented, and if we did a rap together, he would probably come out on top.”

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