The first time I saw ‘The Lil’ B documentary was on a bus, watching a group of people who were in the throes of the HIV epidemic, having their last breaths in a New York hospital.

I could see the look on their faces and knew that these were the people I’d met.

‘Lil B’ is a rapper with a huge following and an enormous following on YouTube and Twitter.

In that moment I realised the difference between ‘lil b’ and ‘The World’s Best Ice Cube’.

The World’s best is defined by its most controversial, provocative and polarising.

But in the case of ‘Lils’ Ice Cube, he’s a mainstream artist who has become a popular and beloved character.

He’s the polarising hip-hop artist who seems to have no qualms about speaking his mind and not being a victim.

He even got in trouble for his own personal political views on the subject of race and politics.

‘Ice Cube’ is the ultimate outsider, a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

He has a knack for making people laugh and make you feel special.

His music is infectious, but his personality has always been more about self-obsession.

As a result, he has been the subject to the kind of scrutiny that only someone who has been around the block a few times could possibly handle.

His most recent public appearance came on his third album, In My Head, and was greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd of more than 20,000 people who lined the streets of New York for a performance by his favourite rappers.

But this performance was no laughing matter, as ‘Lillie’ has been slammed for his racist lyrics and comments on race, women and politics for years.

I watched the speech, and it was clear that I wasn’t the only one who was shocked and appalled by his comments.

I had watched the interview on YouTube, and the comments made by ‘Lilly’ were repeated on Twitter, and he was quickly banned from Twitter for life.

He is now facing charges in the US for inciting hate speech and inciting violence against a group.

‘I never said those words’, he said.

‘And I don’t intend to say them again.

The fact that they’ve come to light now is just a blessing in disguise.

People will now see that these things were said, and they’ll know that what they’ve been hearing is not what I meant.

I hope this can serve as a wake-up call to others and the people who say those things about me that I’ve been exposed to for years.’

‘Lilo’ is one of the most controversial rappers in the history of hip-hopping.

But why is he on the list?

‘Lily’ was first noticed by the mainstream media after a clip of him appearing on MTV was shown during an episode of the MTV’s Real World: Miami reality show in 2006.

The clip was a preview of his upcoming music video, which was released two years later.

‘That’s the first time that the media really noticed what I was doing’, he says.

‘It was like, ‘Oh, this guy is really going to be big in the media.

This is a big deal’.

He has been making music for the past 15 years, and released his first album in 2008.

‘A lot of people in the industry have said that my style of music is the same as hip-hops, because of how they play, but I just like it.

I’m not trying to make my music the same way as other rappers, but that’s how I like to make music.’

He says that his music is based on ‘life experience’.

He says he’s never heard of any rappers who haven’t made their living as a musician.

‘My music is just about me, and I’m trying to bring something different to the world,’ he says, adding: ‘I’m not the first rapper to make a statement like that, but people need to realise that I’m making a statement, because I’ve got to.

I’ve seen what happened to people of colour, and when I’m playing to my fans, they can feel safe.

‘What people need is someone who can make a difference and bring hope to the black community.

I want to change the way that people see the world and bring change to the way we think about things.’

I ask him why he chose to play the video for the ‘Lili’ video, and his answer is simple: ‘People want to see me on TV.

They want to know who I am, so they can know who Lil B is.

I can do that.’

He went on to explain that the video is a response to a viral video, ‘Lila Meets The Black Boy’.

‘I wanted to make people feel like I’m actually alive, like I have a voice, and people can feel that in my music

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