A new study has found that hip hop is an incredibly powerful social tool, with an estimated 40% of people engaging in it every day.

The study, which looked at 1,500 people across the US and Europe, found that it was often used as a way to share news and information, with social media platforms using the music to boost engagement and popularity. 

What it means for you and your hip hop career The study looked at how hip hop users responded to news stories and social media content.

They found that those who were actively engaging in social media and sharing information were more likely to be promoted to more influential positions. 

However, the researchers found that the way hip hop used its social media platform was not just limited to hip hop, as there was also a correlation between hip hop engagement and the popularity of certain music genres.

Hip hop is often used to communicate the social status of a celebrity or a political figure, for example. 

The researchers found the most popular genres in the US were electronic music and hip hop.

However, hip hop music was also found to be used in other genres, such as classical music. 

For example, classical music was more popular in the United Kingdom than in the Netherlands, with classical music being used in the UK at a rate of one in five times the rate in the other countries. 

In other words, hip hip hop was used to promote popular music, while classical music is used to boost popular music.

Hip hip hop The authors found that while hip hop can be used to increase popularity, it is often also used to keep people entertained. 

“In terms of engagement, hip rap is more popular with users who are engaged with it and engaged with the content they are watching,” Dr Kelli Hartzog, lead author of the study, told New Scientist.

“But it can also help them stay entertained.” 

It is not just hip hop that can boost the popularity or popularity of hip hop; the study also found that there were other music genres that were used to achieve similar results. 

Artists from classical to hip-hop, the authors found, were also more popular than artists from traditional music genres like pop, jazz and country. 

Dr Hartzig said that although there is no way to know what music is playing at any given moment, the research showed that people engaging with hip hop were more engaged in the social context of it. 

This is because hip hop allows users to create a more meaningful experience for themselves. 

As Dr Hartzogs said, “people engaging with it is what’s making this world what it is, so that’s what makes it a great social tool”. 

She added that this is the same type of social behaviour that occurs in the media environment, where people are sharing news stories or information on social media. 

It may not be the most social of platforms, but Hip Hop has a huge social impact and people are always watching the content and watching the interactions.

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