The most common answer is, “I don’t know.”

This question is answered by a new segment called “Rapper or Kid?”

It features interviews with rappers and rappers’ kids.

There are more than 1,500 interviews, with more than 200 in each category.

Here’s what we learned from this latest round of interviews.1.

Rapper’s kids can be hip.

As part of its new series, The Rapper, the BBC is asking kids to answer questions about their childhood.

For this week’s show, it asked kids from around the country to tell us their favorite rap songs of all time.

We’re talking about songs from the ’80s to the ’90s and beyond, with some of the most popular rap songs in the history of the genre.

Here are the questions that our kids asked.2.

It doesn’t matter what you rap, the kids love you.

It’s hard to say how many rappers are actually rappers or how many kids are listening to them.

But it’s not uncommon to see a child wearing a T-shirt reading “I Don’t Care” on the cover of a hip-hop album, and it’s also not uncommon for a kid to be rapping about his favorite song on the radio, while also sharing a lyric on Instagram.

In fact, the majority of kids we spoke to said they weren’t even aware of the artists they loved and didn’t even know who the rapper was.

So, it’s up to you to figure out which of your favorite songs are the most relevant to your generation.3.

Hip-hop doesn’t have to be expensive.

Many of the questions we asked about rappers’ music budgets were answered in one way or another, with a $20 album, $50 album or even $100 albums.

Even for hip-hops with a relatively modest budget, the questions still get interesting.

For instance, when it comes to artists like Lil Wayne, he didn’t have the means to buy a big-name label like Epic Records or even a studio to make his music.

So when we asked him if he would rather buy his music from his family or a record company, he said, “My family.”

So it’s entirely possible that your family doesn’t own a record label.4.

You can have a good time.

The kids we talked to are incredibly supportive of the artist they love, even if they’re not the most familiar or familiar with the artist.

For example, when the show asked about how to have a great time at a rapper’s birthday party, a young kid said, I’d love to go to a rapper-centric birthday party where I can eat and drink like a hipster, dance like a rapper, go on a tour with rappers, meet rappers and meet rappers’ families and friends.5.

You should probably do something cool.

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen hip-hoppers come up with more innovative ways to show off their art, and that trend has continued in this new series.

For some rappers, it has included wearing masks to go around, performing as a ghost, doing a “Rip Rap” dance or even dancing in the streets.

For others, it includes making video games, designing clothing or even designing a rap video.

So while it’s certainly possible to do all of these things without actually making a record, there’s a great chance you’ll be able to enjoy them when you get home.6.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

The questions that we asked were all very different and there was a lot of variation in how they answered.

For many kids, it was more about “How do I feel when I’m sitting at home in my room listening to my favorite hip-hip-hop song?” while for others, “What is my favorite song I’ve ever heard?”

And for others it was “What’s the coolest thing I’ve heard about rap?”

For some, it had more to do with the “genre” and “artist,” while others were more focused on “the best thing I’d ever heard.”

And for some kids, their answers were about “what would you do if I told you that I was a rapper?” while others answered “what is my next rap song?”7.

You don’t have a life.

We asked kids what they wanted to do if they were an adult rapper.

For a few, it wasn’t about the music, but more about the life they wanted.

For another few, we asked them what they would do if their kids asked them to be a rapper.

But some kids were interested in making movies, others were interested just in having a life outside of the music business.

For the majority, it centered around something other than rap.8.

Rap is your only escape.

It was clear from the beginning that many of the kids we asked weren’t going to be comfortable going out with their parents or having an apartment or having

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