The New Year was a year of discomfort for many Japanese anime fans, especially as the company that made the series known as FUNimation took over.

The company has since begun to roll out more content, but the problems persist.

While the series received a lot of praise for its high production values and animation style, it was also criticized for being too serious, too melodramatic and too focused on its main character.

And there was the question of whether anime fans would buy a new season.

Funimation’s plan to make the series available on DVD and streaming is also being questioned.

But that plan has faced more obstacles than the series itself, and those obstacles are now being challenged.

In an effort to help people understand the differences between the company’s releases and the original anime, we took a look at the anime that had the most success and how those releases compared with the series that was not as successful.

Here’s a look back at how the anime industry has changed since 2015.

The anime industry, after all, is a business that is driven by profit.

And so the fact that some of the series with the biggest success stories had high production costs and didn’t have a wide distribution, and that’s not to say that the company was wrong to do it, is something that we can all agree on.

But we also know that the best way to be successful is to make sure that you’re producing the right anime at the right time.

And that’s where the success of the Anime Revolution series came into question.

For years, FUNimation had tried to turn the series into an anime movie.

It was announced at the end of 2016 that the anime movie version of the show would come out in 2020.

It seemed like FUNimation would be making a return to the world of the anime after years of not releasing any of its shows.

But the anime studio did not produce the film for several reasons.

One was that FUNimation was working on its own movie, and it had no intention of releasing it for the general public.

The second was that the studio had made an effort not to release any of the films that it had produced since 2005.

The third reason was that it was very difficult to get FUNimation to commit to the project.

FUNimation wanted to be completely self-financing, which meant that FUNime would not be making any money from the movie itself.

The studio had also never released any of their anime titles on DVD, which made it hard to distribute.

But what about streaming?

The company was now streaming the series, which allowed it to get more people interested in the anime.

And the streaming service was also bringing in new fans, who were able to get the anime into theaters for the first time.

The final reason that FUNimes streaming effort was so successful was that fans were able see the series on demand.

The streamers also released an episode each week, allowing fans to watch new episodes and catch up on their favorite episodes.

These efforts led to some of those new fans being able to buy a copy of the original release of the new anime, which helped to sell more copies of the film.

So it seems like FUNime’s efforts to revive the series had been successful.

And yet the problems persisted.

For example, while FUNimation has now released the anime on DVD as well as streaming, the DVD was not released as a standard version of its original release.

The Blu-ray release was released only as an unedited version, which means that people who had already bought the Blu-Ray version of FUNimation’s original release could not get the uncut DVD version, because it was not yet released on DVD.

As a result, there were some fans who had purchased the uncensored DVD version of this anime series.

This was a problem for FUNimation because they didn’t want to sell their unedited DVD version to fans who didn’t own the Blu/Ray versions of the shows.

FUNime also did not release an uncensoring version of some of its older shows like the popular Doraemon anime, a show that was very popular among younger fans.

It had to make a hard decision on which to release the uncensor version of Doraemons anime and whether to release it as a Blu-Ray or DVD.

And this was a decision that had a big impact on the quality of the uncenrated version of an anime like this.

In the end, FUNime decided to release uncensors for both the DVD and Blu-rays of this show.

But this was not a good decision.

The uncensers for both DVD and BD were not as good as the uncuts that FUNima had made for the anime versions of these series.

It wasn’t until a year after the release of this uncensorable version that the uncolors for the BD version were released as unedited versions.

However, it is not clear whether FUN

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