After a string of tweets directed at fellow rappers, Dax rapper Bill Rapp has been fired from his contract with the company that made the movie “Ripleys Believe It Or Not.”

Rapp is also not returning the endorsement contract he signed with a number of companies, including RIAA and Microsoft, TMZ reports.

Rapp was fired from the company he signed a deal with last year after the “Ripper” rapper tweeted that he didn’t want to be the face of the brand after it was acquired by Disney.

Bill Rapp is now on the losing end of an epic feud with Bill Cosby.

(Photo: Twitter)The rap star said on Twitter on Thursday that he was fired by Universal Pictures for speaking out about his contract and the studio that produced “Rips.”

Rapp tweeted on Thursday night that he would not be returning the “Make America Great Again” endorsement deal he signed last year with several companies including RiaA and PepsiCo.

Universal Pictures declined to comment.

On Thursday, the comedian released a video in which he talked about the feud between the rapper and Bill Cosby and his fight to bring back the Ripper label.

“RAPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT,” Rapp said in the video.

“This is a war.

And if you’re the person that can help bring it back, I just wanna give you my blessing.”

Bill Cosby, shown here in 2016, was accused of drugging and raping at least 16 women over decades.

(Getty Images)A few days earlier, Rapp released a statement on Instagram.

“Bill Cosby was a rapist.

I have no doubt that if he had not raped me, I would be telling the truth today.

Bill Cosby did this on purpose and I hope to never see his name in print again.

This has been an incredible battle and I am proud to be in it.

And to be a part of it is what this has meant to me.

I’m not going anywhere,” Rapp wrote.

Bill Cosby has denied the allegations of druggings and sexual assault.

Bill Rapp is seen in an undated photo.

(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Time Magazine)Bill Cosby and rapper Bill Snoop have been feuding for years over Cosby’s alleged drugging of and raping of at least eight women over a 20-year period.

Cosby has called Rapp a “loser” and said the rapper was a “scam artist.”

Cosby also called Snoop a “pig” and a “shady ass” who should be ashamed of himself.

Bill Snoop was fired on Thursday for “inappropriate behavior.”

(Getty)Bill Snoops contract with RIAAA was terminated in January 2017.

Snoop has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least six women.

His contract with PepsiCo expired in May 2018.

Snoops representatives have said he would have to return the endorsement deal.

(AP Photo/Michele Hirono)In his statement, Rapp said that he never wanted to be associated with Bill.

“I never meant any harm to Bill Cosby or his legacy.

I am deeply saddened and angered by his actions and am deeply hurt by the accusations against him,” Rapp added.

“The allegations are completely without merit.

I would never, ever be disrespectful to Bill or to the people he has harmed.

I will never, EVER be disrespectful or dishonest to anyone again.”

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