The Rapper: It’s not a competition.

It’s a team.

The Cupcake rapper is an icon, a legend.

We’re talking a rap superstar.

They’re all here.

She’s the first rap superstar I’ve ever seen.

You guys can go on.

The Raps: No, you can’t.

I’m a celebrity.

You can’t do that.

You don’t have any right to make the rules.

But I’m going to make my own rules.

You’re going to see the Cupcake rappers and I’m making my own rule.

It will be a team, it will be an organization, and I want the whole world to know what I do.

I don’t want to be the first.

I want to lead the way.

TheRappers: You can’t go out and be the boss of everybody.

You have to do it yourself.

You are the boss.

The rapper’s rule. 

(Chuckles) She says she doesn’t have a boss.

She says she is going to put on the greatest show ever.

That’s the Cupcakes rule.

I love her.

I really do.

They got my love.

She has my respect.

She is the Queen of Cupcakes.

The rules of the CupCakes are as follows:1.

The rule is the Cup cakes must be owned by the rapper, not the celebrity.

They can be owned or rented by anyone, even celebrities.2.

The Rule is that a rapper is the owner of a cupcake and must be the one who makes the cupcake, and the celebrity is the one that makes the music. 


The only person who owns the Cup cake is the rapper.4.

The name of the rapper is on the cupcakes and the name of their album is on their album.5.

The celebrity is allowed to name their album if they choose.6.

If the Cup Cake is a joint venture between two or more individuals or groups, the Cup Cakes must be kept separate.7.

The group that owns the album must not be named the same as the owner.8.

The person who owned the album cannot name the group that is going through the production process.9.

If a rapper or a group owns the record and it’s being distributed by another entity, they can only sell it to the individual that owns it.10.

If it’s not being distributed through the same entity, the cup cake must be distributed by the group involved.11.

A group can only own one record in any given year. 


The individual who owns a record has to be able to produce it. 13.

The record has got to be owned and produced by at least one member of the group. 


The artist is allowed only to record for one year.15.

The band member has to produce the album for at least the same number of months that the album is being produced.16.

The song must have been released by the same artist.17.

The original recording must be played on a song.18.

The title must be a reference to the album.19.

If someone owns the recording of the album, the artist has to include it on the album as well.20.

If an individual owns the song, the original recording has to have the same title as the album or have the song written by that individual. 


If there is more than one album on a single album, a group of individuals cannot own a record in the same year.22.

The music must be used as a promotional tool for the group or individual.23.

If no one owns the original recordings, a song can be a part of the compilation album.24.

A member of a group may not own more than 1 song on a compilation album in a single year.25.

The albums must be released to the public.26.

No recordings can be made without the permission of the artist.27.

All rights to the recordings must be reserved for the artist, and no copyright can be granted to the recording.28.

No individual may release the album without permission of a member of their group.29.

If one person owns more than 10 percent of the record, it must be shared equally among all the other members.30.

If 10 percent or more of the recordings are from the same person, the rights to those recordings must always be reserved.31.

The rights to any recordings are exclusive to the original record. 


If any recording of a rapper, a rapper group, or a rapper album is released without permission from the individual who made it, they may be considered copyrighted works and may not be re-released by any group.33.

The owner of the recording must get a written consent from the recording artist, the recording group, and anyone who owns or operates the recording or who makes it.34.

If anyone violates

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