The album is out this week, but its release will be overshadowed by the recent news of a potential drug-fuelled crash in Melbourne.

While the rapper’s manager denied that his manager’s statements were false, many of the songs were sampled in the songs that followed.

And while the incident will not be a factor in the release, Drake’s rap legend has now weighed in on the controversy.

“This is not a positive for me,” he told his fans on Instagram.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry.

I want you to know that there’s no way I’m not going to apologize to everybody that I messed up.

This was a mistake.

I’m still working on it and I’m working on making things right.

I can’t say I’m 100 per cent.

I’ve learned from this, and I just want to let everybody know that.”

Drake and the rapper also took the opportunity to offer some insight into the circumstances surrounding his arrest.

“People have been calling me, they’re calling me and calling me again,” he said.

“But I can say, I’ve gotten to a point where I just got to deal with it.

I just feel like this is the time to move on.

I got nothing to prove to anybody.

I had nothing to hide, so I just gotta move on.”

Dramatic footage emerged last week of the rapper being driven through the streets of Melbourne by police officers.

The footage showed him in a red, police-style vehicle, and police allegedly asked him questions about his drug use.

“You got to stop doing what you’re doing,” one officer reportedly told the rapper.

“And I said, I’m trying to help this country,” the rapper replied.

“But I got a big mixtape coming out.”

Draper was charged with failing to stop when driving after he was stopped at a red light, and was also issued with a $50,000 bail.

He was released from police custody last night and was released on his own recognizance.

“He’s been released on the condition that he not go to jail for 24 hours and he won’t be in touch with anyone that’s under his care,” Victoria Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.

“I think he’s done everything he can to stay clean and stay out of trouble.”

Drake’s album Me and a Guns, which was released last week, has sold more than 1.3 million copies worldwide.

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