The word “irresistible” conjures up images of an innocent, fun-loving young boy.

It’s what rapper A$AP Rocky says he looks for when he makes his debut video for his song “M.I.A.,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you watch the trailer for his upcoming album, “The Way We Do.”

Rocky, whose real name is A$P Diddy, has been in the spotlight recently as he battles alcoholism and a slew of other issues.

But he’s not the only rapper who’s come up with a new word for himself, or for his music.

And it has a pretty good ring to it.

Rocky’s new song “The Irresistible Way” (which is available for free streaming on Apple Music) comes from the rapper’s forthcoming album, and it has some pretty interesting lyrics.

“I’m a real-life A$H,” he sings, referring to the name of the song that is the title of his latest album.

Rock and his producer, Nate Dogg, worked together on the song, which features a sample of A$D’s “Gangnam Style.”

“The way we do,” Diddy continues.

“We just do the same thing every day, just like the way we did that day.”

As the title suggests, the video is a reference to Rocky’s “I” sound.

But “M..


(a play on M.I.) also plays on the title track, which is the same song he uses on the “A” video.

It seems like “I,” like “M., I.N.,E.,” is also a reference.

The word is actually actually an old word, coined by German composer Hans Christian Anderson in 1793, when he was working on the musical “Kausch.”

Anderson’s work was also used in the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

When it comes to lyrics, it’s interesting to see how Rocky’s rhyme scheme fits into his video.

“Theirresistibly” is a fairly straightforward rhyme, but Diddy makes it a bit more complicated.

The song features a line of random words that rhyme with each other.

“What do you mean, like a ‘b’ sound?”

Diddy asks.

“Like a ‘c’ sound.”

It seems like the rapper may be referencing “A$AP” himself, and that means we can expect some interesting lines like “That’s a real word, isn’t it?”

(In a similar vein, Rocky also referenced his music on “The A$A.” video.)

“You know what it means?” he says, laughing.

“It means ‘I’m alive.’

Like, if I didn’t know what that word meant, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Diddy also talks about “A.” in a video for “I Can’t Stop,” which was released earlier this year.

In the clip, he talks about how he has a very specific sound to his song.

“I have a really specific sound,” he says.

“And I don’t want people to think that it’s my own sound.

It ain’t.

It was actually an inspiration for me to write this song.”

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