As Asian rappers have become more mainstream, the rapper has come under fire for his controversial lyrics.

As a result, rapper and music writer David Chang has created a series of drawings that illustrate the problem.

The first installment, titled “Rapper Rapping in the Mirror,” shows a young Asian rapper in the mirror, singing “I love a girl, I love a man, I like to fuck you.”

Chang says the young rapper, who does not have a full name, says: “I am just a rapper, and I love to raps.

I just wanna rap, so you can rap too.”

The second installment, “Rapping the Asian Rap,” shows an Asian rapper standing in front of a mirror, writing a poem: “Let’s rap, rap, rapping, rap.”

Chang notes the young man is now in his mid-20s and has been rapping since he was five years old.

The third installment, entitled “The Asian Rap Song,” shows another young Asian rapper, writing: “There’s nothing wrong with rapping.”

Chang said the young woman is in her early 30s and says she enjoys rap as much as she loves watching sports.

“She’s really into rapping,” Chang said.

“She’s not even into rap as an art form.

She’s into raps just to entertain.

She doesn’t really care about the lyrics.

She just raps because she’s in love with it.”

The fourth installment, called “The Rap Song and Rap Album,” shows the same young woman singing along with the lyrics: “A rapper, a rapper with a bad rap, with a big mouth, and a big heart.”

Chang said the rap music industry has a lot of money, and that there is a lot to be done to improve the rapped language.

“It’s not like we don’t have problems with some rappers.

There are some rappers who don’t care about their words,” Chang explained.

“But it’s not about money, it’s about language.

That’s the problem with rap.

If you want to rap, it doesn’t have to be in rhyme.

It can be in your own voice.

You can rap your heart out.

You don’t need a songwriter or a rapper to do that.

It’s your own.”

Changs advice for rapping?

“Write your own rhymes.”

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