The video above features a woman dressed as a cupcake wearing a headscarf and a red and white polka dot dress and sitting in front of a camera.

She asks, “I want to know how to become a rapper”.

When the camera zooms out she is wearing a black shirt with a red star on it and her face is covered by a black veil.

She then explains: “There’s a rapper who goes by the name of ‘Cupcake’.”

There’s one rapper called ‘Coffee’, and another one called ‘I’m a rapper, I’m a celebrity, I have a girlfriend, I’ve got a girlfriend…’

“A young man in the background, who is in his late teens or early 20s, interrupts her, saying: “Well, she’s a bit of a celebrity.

“The man continues: “And then there’s another one.

And that’s me.

“A young woman with the star on her face says: “I’m so much a fan, I don’t want to be in this video.

“The young man continues to interrupt the young woman.

He says: ‘You know, I think we can make it more entertaining for you, you know, it’s very popular on social media, so we’re going to let you in.'”

The young woman says: “[It’s] a great way to show that we love our fans, that we’re there for them, and it’s a great thing for us to see.”

The video ends with the young man saying: “‘If you’re really a fan of the brand you like, then we can give you the opportunity to meet and go to some events.'”

I’m sure you know that’s not what they’re going for, and I know they don’t mean it, but they are going for it,” the young lady continues.

The video is part of a campaign to promote the rapper.

The brand, which makes cakes, coffee, ice tea, tea, and chocolate for coffee shops and restaurants, says it is “not a commercial company”.

However, the video has attracted widespread criticism, including by people who say it encourages violence against women.

The hashtag #CupcakesRapper has been trending on Twitter and Instagram, with people sharing their own stories of being assaulted or assaulted by the celebrity cupcake.

One Instagram user, @nigga_dude, shared a video showing a cupcakes rapper being assaulted by a group of young men.

Another woman, @pkc, wrote: “The rapper in the video was just mugged for money by some guys, and he wasn’t even wearing his hoodie.”

The brand said the video, which it has now removed, was not meant to be taken seriously.”

It is not a parody or satire,” it said.”

The video was in the spirit of promoting the brand and promoting its products and services.

“Cup Cake Rapist Video by @cupscupcake on Instagram

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