Donald Trump has been taking aim at the alt-right, a collection of people who believe white nationalism and racism are the core of American society.

But what if he wants to be president? 

The problem is that he doesn’t understand the alt right, the alt left, and the alt white people, writes Ryan Grim, a former adviser to President Obama and author of The New American Left. 

This is a mistake, Grim argues. 

If Trump wants to win, he needs to understand what the alt Right is, what the Alt Left is, and how they work, not what they believe. 

The alt right is a collection. 

You have people who are actually people who hate Jews, who are white nationalists, and who think that there is something wrong with the culture and the nation. 

In short, the Alt Right is an amalgam of white supremacists and neo-Nazis. 

That’s the alt leftist group. 

For the most part, they are not the same people. 

What’s different about them is that they have been using their ideology to advance a far-right agenda, a far more extreme version of the American Right that is now the subject of intense controversy. 

Trump, a real estate mogul and former reality television star, is one of the most influential figures in the alt lite movement. 

He is a fan of the white nationalist movement, as he has praised the far-left. 

But he also has a deep-seated distaste for Jews, and a long history of making racially charged statements. 

“If you go back to the 1990s, he would be the most racist person ever elected to the presidency,” a former aide to former President George H.W. Bush told The Daily Beast. 

It’s clear that Trump has not taken the Alt White people seriously. 

His latest comments on the Charlottesville violence are not exactly reassuring. 

When asked about a statement by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon that said that “White supremacists are not white nationalists,” Trump said, “I’ve disavowed those guys, and I disavow the hate group.” 

“We have to keep saying that the altright is not white nationalist,” he added. 

And the president has made it clear that he does not want to engage in serious conversations with the altRight, despite their rhetoric. 

I don’t think it’s good for America if the alt is going to be a problem,” Trump tweeted last month. 

According to a study released in March by the Anti-Defamation League, there are approximately 3 million members of the Alt Alt Right and their followers. 

More: If the alt were to succeed in the 2020 election, the white supremacist movement would become the third-largest political party in the United States. 

As a result, the anti-fascist movement could become the most powerful political force in the country, the report found. 

While Trump has made some overtures toward the AltRight, his relationship with the group has been strained. 

Earlier this year, Trump announced he would hold a summit with the white supremacists, but his plan was delayed by a week because of the ongoing protests over his decision to ban travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. 

During the presidential campaign, Trump called the Alt Lite movement “the real deal,” and it has since grown. 

On January 13, Trump tweeted: “I have made it very clear that the Alt right is not a group that I will work with.” 

But, as the Anti -Defamation Law Center notes, “The Trump administration has not explicitly disavowed the Alt white nationalists.” 

On Friday, Trump signed an executive order that was meant to help curb the growth of the alt alt lites. 

However, as Trump’s presidency has unfolded, his administration has repeatedly pushed back on the order. 

After Trump signed the order, he tweeted, “We must restore the rule of law.

The Alt Right cannot be tolerated!” 

But Trump’s administration has also said it opposes the idea of alt lited. 

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Thursday that “it’s not appropriate to associate the alt with the Alt lite.” 

He added that “there are a number of issues in our country that we should be addressing.” 

White nationalists and alt lighters have been the target of violent attacks and vandalism in the U.S. in the wake of the Charlottesville protests. 

A white nationalist rally in Berkeley, California, resulted in more than a dozen people injured when a car plowed into a crowd of protesters. 

At the center of the crisis, Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with felony assault for allegedly grabbing a reporter, grabbing the reporter by the arm, and pushing him to the ground. 

An FBI investigation of Lewandowski’s alleged actions is ongoing. 

Lewandowski is a former political operative for Trump, and his behavior during the Charlottesville riots was an issue that led Trump to fire Lewandowski

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