The world’s most popular rap artist is openly gay and has a sex tape featuring him with a woman as a sex object, a sex worker said.

In a sex video that was posted on Snapchat on Thursday, rapper Big Sean is seen kissing a young woman in an alleyway.

Sean is not wearing a shirt or tie, and the two kiss passionately in the video that has more than 20 million views.

“Sean is a sexpot.

He is a huge sex addict, and he’s a very big fan of women,” the woman said.

Sean and Big Sean have been together for four years and are in a relationship.

He and the woman have been dating for a few months.

Sean told TMZ that he is not gay and said he has been dating a woman for the past four years.

“I don’t identify as gay,” Sean said.

“I am a big believer in all genders.

There is no one thing that is gay or straight.

I am 100 percent gay.”

Sean is one of a handful of rap stars who have openly spoken about their sexual orientation.

The most famous was Tupac Shakur, who was a member of the hip hop group the Wu-Tang Clan and a member in 1996 of the group Bad Boy.

“It’s important for us to say, we are here to say that we are proud of our sexuality and our love for one another,” Sean told the TMZ website.

“We love you, and we will always love you.”

Sean has said that he was “really scared” to speak out against being gay because of the stigma.

He said that the sex tape is a “big deal”.

“I had no idea what the reaction would be,” Sean recalled.

“This has been something that has been kind of a huge thing for me for the last four years.”

“I think for the people who love Sean, and love hip hop, and appreciate the music, it is a big deal.”

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