It was the summer of 2013.

I was 22, and I had just moved to Toronto from Vancouver.

I had been writing my first songs.

A few months earlier, a friend had suggested we make music together.

It was a big leap of faith for me.

I never thought that the experience of going from an outsider to a part of the city’s musical community would be this rewarding.

It wasn’t until we moved to downtown Toronto and started playing at The Blue Door that I really started to understand the impact of music on our lives.

It’s not a thing that comes along every day.

And for me, it wasn’t just about making music, but also growing as a person.

The Blue Doors, located on Bloor Street East between Adelaide and Wellington streets, was the first time I heard any music.

I wasn’t yet comfortable with the city, but I had the confidence to say, “No, I’m not going to give up.”

It’s a place where I felt like I belonged, and where I could get away from the world and feel like I could be myself.

I found that the more I went to see people, the more they seemed to like me, and it was a little bit scary at first.

They would go over to see a song and say, I don’t even know who you are.

But once you start making music and making friends and being around people, it really becomes a part.

I didn’t want to just be me anymore, and once I started getting to know my friends, they really embraced me and embraced their identity.

For me, that’s what the Blue Doors was all about.

A city full of artists and musicians, I wanted to make my mark and make music for the city.

But it was also about making new friends, growing as an artist and getting to meet people from around the world.

I wanted it to be about me.

That’s how it started, right?

I wanted people to hear the music that I was making, and to just listen to it and feel the music and be like, “Wow, that is really good.”

I remember one of my first shows was in The Blue Rooms with a friend from Vancouver, who was from Portugal and wanted to come and see me.

He said, “You’re such a great rapper.

You’re really good.

I’ve never seen anyone do this.”

I was like, I’ve been hearing all the stuff about you.

That made me really happy.

I felt a little special.

I also wanted to show people what I had to offer, and show them that there was something out there that was good and worthy of their time.

I started playing some new songs at the Blue Rooms that year, and we had some really good shows, and then, a year later, I decided to open up the show.

I just wanted to share my music with the world, and so we started making a new record.

We got together and started putting the songs together.

And by the end of that year I had done all my stuff and I was ready to start doing shows again.

I played at The Toronto Music Awards, and that was where the rest of my life changed.

The city was a huge part of my musical life.

I would get invited to concerts around the city and to all the different festivals and things like that.

I got a lot of exposure there, and by that time, I was so into music, I had started doing some of my own things, like doing my own tours.

But I also realized that the city was my main source of inspiration, so I wanted everyone to have a look at me.

It felt good.

It got me to a place I never wanted to be, because I was feeling so alone, like I didn.

And that was how it all started.

As the years passed, I became more and more comfortable and confident with myself and in myself.

My confidence grew to where I was able to create a more diverse group of people in my life, and there was a lot more respect for who I was as a musician and as an individual.

I think that’s how I’ve always felt.

I have a lot to be proud of and it’s also something that I can be thankful for because I feel like there’s a lot that’s been accomplished by so many people.

In Toronto, we have so many different artists, but we also have the same kind of community, which is very different from what we have in Vancouver.

It doesn’t mean that Toronto has fewer artists, it means that there are so many more people who are able to come to our city.

I am a very fortunate person, because my whole life has been in Vancouver and that’s where I’ve lived my whole existence.

And when I decided that I wanted this new music, that meant that I had a whole new world to explore.

I needed to be able to be myself and explore it, and the only way to do

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