A mother-of-four is hoping her son, Cody, will help her win the affection of a beautiful blonde, by introducing her to a rap superstar.

The mother-and-baby duo of Cassidy and Cody, whose real names are Cassie and Cassidy, have been touring Australia for two years and are currently on their way to the United States to record their third album.

The pair have also been featured on the hit ABC television show The Great Gatsby and the MTV reality show Glamour Girls, where they met on the road.

But when they went to meet up in New Zealand, the pair discovered their lives were very different.

Cassidy, who is from a wealthy Australian family, said the couple were shocked when they met the rapper in New York, who was a regular at her local music festival.

“He was very open about how much he loved his mother and how much love he had for her and how they were just so blessed together,” she said.

“We thought it was kind of strange and odd that they would come to Australia for such a short time to meet and get to know each other and really get to understand each other.”

I thought they were both really weird, I think they were probably not used to seeing each other that much and were really nervous about meeting each other, and he had a big smile on his face.

“But they were very cool and friendly, they didn’t seem to be trying to hide anything.

They were just really good at being themselves and they had great energy and energy and they were a lot of fun to be around.”

Cassidy and her family were so excited to meet their new baby they had to share their excitement with her.

“They were very open and I was just so happy for them, because it was so hard to have a baby in Australia, but they were so cute,” she laughed.

“It was like, we are so lucky to be here, to be able to have this amazing relationship with someone that I love so much.”

Cassy’s mum, Rhonda, said she was delighted to have found out the news.

“Cody has been really sweet and loving with his new mother, and we’re so happy we have this opportunity to have them together,” Rhonda said.”[He] just seems so happy to be with us, so we’re really happy to have him.”

When he first started talking to me, he was like he loves me, I love him and he said he loves his mother too, so I’m happy for him.

He’s such a good boy, we’re very proud to have these two babies.


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