People with chronic illnesses such as asthma and heart disease are being given the vaccine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

But many parents and healthcare workers are concerned about the safety of this vaccine, and some are turning to a brand new strain of the vaccine that can cause serious side effects.

The brand new vaccine, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says is “super effective” and “highly safe,” has already been used by about half a million US children.

It was introduced last year and was approved by the FDA on April 28, but the FDA has said that it is not yet ready to allow people to get their hands on the vaccine until the agency issues an interim guidance.

The new vaccine is the first for adults in more than 20 years and the first to have a strain of a strain that is resistant to the strain used by the CDC.

The CDC’s Andrew Kolodny says the new vaccine has been tested on humans in clinical trials and “should be approved by FDA by the end of the year.”

But many health advocates are concerned that this strain of vaccine, if used on humans, could spread to people without their knowledge.

“We don’t know how this vaccine will behave in human health settings, but it could spread in ways that we don’t yet know,” says Mark A. Baumgartner, an associate professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and a professor of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University.

Baumgartger says he thinks there are serious safety concerns with the vaccine.

He says there is no evidence that the vaccine is effective against any strain of human coronaviruses.

“There’s no evidence, for example, that this vaccine is even safe for anyone who’s allergic to the strains,” Baumgardner says.

He says there are still questions about the long-term effects of the new strain.

The strain that was approved last year has been used in more clinical trials, but researchers aren’t sure how well it will perform in humans.

“The reason that this was approved is that it was shown in trials to be very effective in adults with asthma,” Baumsgartner says, adding that he expects to see more studies done with the new version of the vaccines.

But others say that if this vaccine gets out in the wild, the strain could be resistant to it.

“This strain, the new one, is a strain with an extremely high mutation rate,” says Dr. Andrew Kolos, an infectious disease expert at the New York University Langone Medical Center.

“So, if this is actually a virus, it could easily be resistant.”

“This is an amazing vaccine that we have and we don

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