In my day, ice tea was a big deal.

It was an instant fix for my headaches and the occasional cold.

It seemed like the perfect medicine for the winter.

But I guess that’s changed.

In a world where people are constantly searching for new, better ice tea recipes, here are five ice tea-based dishes you’ll need to keep on hand.


Ice tea, Ice cream & More: This recipe uses fresh water for the tea, but you can use bottled or filtered water to make your own ice tea.


Ice Cream & More Ice cream and ice cream, like ice cream in a jar, is an old recipe that’s still a favorite among ice tea lovers.

But it’s not always as simple as you think.


Ice Tea Ice tea is one of the easiest ways to make ice tea without all the ingredients you need.

Just mix a cup of tea water with a cup or two of ice cream and stir it together.


Ice Creme: This ice cream cake has a little bit of a history, but it’s still an easy way to make a great ice tea recipe.

You’ll just need a bowl of ice creams and a few tablespoons of ice water.

Just place the ice cream mixture on top of the ice tea and sprinkle some of the creams over the top.


Ice Sweater: If you’re looking for a more classic ice tea experience, this one’s got all the classic ingredients you’d expect from a typical ice tea: a mug, a tea bag, a cup, a sugar spoon, a whisk, and a spoon.

It’s simple to make and it’s perfect for when you don’t have time to clean your tea mug or to whip up a big batch.

And if you want to make the icecream yourself, I suggest you make it ahead of time so that it’s ready when you need it.

Recipe adapted from “The Ice Tea Guide” by Jia Wang.

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