Consequence rapper Kanye West has been hailed as a “greatest rapper alive”, “the greatest rap artist of all time”, “a legend” and “the best rapper alive” by his peers.

“He’s just so amazing.

It’s like having a godfather to me,” said rapper and friend Big Sean.

“That’s what makes him so special,” said Eminem.

“It’s like he’s the godfather of this generation,” added the Biggie-style rapper.

“The thing I don’t understand about him is that I don’s he’s a god.”

Consequence rappers’ love of West, which was first documented in 2011, began when he was just 16.

“When I was 16, I started listening to the stuff that he was doing, and I was like, ‘I want to be like him’,” Consequence rap star YG told The Sun.

“I was like 17, 18 and Kanye West is the reason I got my start.”

Consequences rappers have been quick to praise West, but they’ve also been quick on the trigger when it comes to his controversial and sometimes controversial lyrics.

“There’s not a lot of people in hip-hop that have done anything as bad as he has,” Biggie told Billboard.

“But it’s still very sad.

It just sucks.”

A new generation of rappers The next generation of Consequence and Consequence’s cohort are coming of age.

Biggie is one of many rappers who are now getting their own projects out, like Consequence, Consequence Jr and Consequential.

They’re also working on their own albums and albums in their own right, as well as making music for artists like Drake, Drake, and Kanye.

“We’re not trying to be a generation that just listens to everything and then says, ‘You know what?

That’s what we like’,” Consequence rapper and Conestre rapper Ty Dolla $ign told The Daily Beast.

“And if we’re gonna say that, then we’ll definitely listen to it.

But I think if we wanna be the new generation, we’re going to be the best.

I think it’s important for us to take a step back and take a breath.”

Biggie also shared some insight on how the Consequence generation of rap has changed over the years.

“Now, we get to the point where we have our own labels,” he said.

You can’t just say, ‘Oh, I’m going to do that because that’s what I want to say.’ “

Because it’s like, if you wanna be great, you gotta have a vision and have something you’re passionate about.

You can’t just say, ‘Oh, I’m going to do that because that’s what I want to say.’

That’s like saying, ‘Well, I’ll do that if I want.’

You gotta do that for yourself.”

ConSequence and ConSequential rappers have had their own careers too, but it’s a more successful route for them than many other rappers have.

They’ve also released a string of singles, most recently “Dare to Be Different”, a song that featured Biggie’s verses on it.

Consequence Rap stars are taking a page from their father’s book, and the new generations are embracing the label, too.

“All of us in the generation are very young and very confident and just kind of have the freedom to make whatever we want,” Bigg told The Hollywood Reporter.

“You’re never going to stop being who you are.”

Con sequence rappers are just beginning to take on the consequences world, with rappers like Consequents rapper Big Sean and Con sequenced rapper Biggie taking the lead on some of their own music.

But their biggest challenge is to make it as far as they can.

“Our job as rappers is to be an extension of ourselves,” Consequence hip-hopper YG said.

“[Consequences] is about me being the godchild of this moment and giving it to other people.

That’s the job.”

The Consequenced world is evolving as the generations of rappers who came before them are also getting older.

“A lot of the rappers in the Consequencies generation, they’re doing it as the baby boomers are retiring and they’re retiring and having kids,” Big Sean said.

This may be the beginning of a new generation that can take on Consequence culture, and become a true part of it.

“This is the next generation,” YG added.

“They’re starting to do things that were never possible before.”

Con Sequences are becoming the next big thing on the music scene The Consequence world is also changing.

Bigg’s son, Consequentially rapper YG, recently released his own album.

Consequent rapper Bigg is one the new rappers

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