Stitches, one of the UK’s hottest new rappers, has teamed up with special education artist, Stitches (who has been teaching special ed kids in his hometown for the last few years), to record an album of music.

Stitches, whose real name is Jules Trescothick, has been a regular presence on the UK music scene since he was just a kid.

He’s known for his intricate rhymes, but he’s also got a flair for the dramatic and catchy, and he’s been the subject of countless memes and YouTube videos over the last year.

Stitches’ debut album, Stitchstitches, dropped on August 30th, but the label is releasing the record exclusively on the internet for the first time.

Sticks recently made headlines when he tweeted that he had an appointment with the British ambassador to Canada, and that he was going to get a tattoo.

But his real life isn’t all that special.

Stitchstiques album, titled The Stitches Story, features a handful of other artists from his hometown of Nottinghamshire, and also features a collaboration with British pop singer Stacey James, who also went by Sticky.

The album’s tracklisting includes tracks by a variety of artists, including Stitches himself, Sticky, Stix, Sticks & Dixie, Stilts’ friend and former co-host of the popular Stitches podcast, and Sticks with Dixie.

The album will also feature music from a few other Nottinghamshire artists including The Stix (who he’s known as for his hit single “It’s Not Just Me”), The Stitch, The Stylist, Stylistics, Styles, and The Sticks, the latter of whom Stitches is known to refer to as a “real big fan.”

“It’s the first album I’ve ever been involved with in any way,” Stitches told MTV News.

“I’m really grateful for this opportunity.”

Stitches said the album is also meant to represent the wider Nottinghamshire community, as he said, “I was born and raised in Nottinghamshire and I’m really proud to be representing the city and people from Nottinghamshire.

I want this to be a celebration of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.”

Stitch is also taking a bit of time off to prepare the album for release, which he said he hopes will be ready before summer 2018.

“I want to do this record as soon as possible,” he said.

“The first album is a very important milestone, and hopefully this will be a really special album for people who are into special education.

It’s about the people who live there, it’s about all the special kids that are there, and I hope it’s going to help people in Nottingham to think of Nottingham in a different way.”

The album is being released in a variety a formats, including vinyl, CD and digital, with Stitches releasing his own CD of original material to celebrate his birthday.

Sticks has also announced that the first single off of the album will be his debut single.

“My favourite song of the day was called ‘Crazy,'” he told MTV.

“That’s the song I’m most proud of.”

Watch the video for “Crazy” below.

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